The water problem is a sad reality in Kenya

A few weeks ago, there was a notice that most parts of the country will be experiencing water rationing due to the low levels of water in the main dams in the country. As usual, Kenyans made fun of the notice, not realizing, or rather seeing it as a farfetched absurdity.

With slightly past a fortnight into January, the water crisis has received so much attention, only second to politics. The rationing has gone to unprecedented levels with some estates within the city only having dry taps the whole of this year.  I mean it literally that in the place I live, the water supplier has been comparatively generous by allowing us water four days a week.

Seemingly, there are no hopes of improvement owing to the constant warnings on how to conserve the few drops for those who are lucky enough. Some have even sought refuge in the highly polluted rivers that still contain patches of water. Apparently, a few days ago there was a notice against the use the water from these rivers, or rather sewage,  to wash cars.

Outside the city, the situation has not been any better. In the neighboring county of Kajiado, the residents, the majority of whom are livestock farmers have already started calling upon the government to assist. In Kajiado, all that has remained is sand, with a few shrubs. The lack of food for the livestock has resulted in them feeding even in the shrubs. It is rather startling that the majority have resorted to the selling of these livestock at a throw-away price.

As all these happen, some people have been carried by politics not realizing that the majority of Kenyans are dying of hunger and thirst. The high media coverage of politics at the cost of dying Kenyans is partly to blame. For them, there is a good deal of sense in their action because they have manipulated Kenyan minds to want more of the nice stories in the political scene.

I frankly confess that we are still a third-world country but I am saddened by the fact that with the iconic water sources and the fair climate we cannot contain some problems. With no signs of rain any time soon, it is really perplexing what will come out of the situation. However, it will take too long to convince me that the situation will improve soon.

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