Hearts Connect Initiatives-HCI is a non-governmental Organization which focuses on RESOLVING GENDER BASED VIOLENCE AND RAISING PEACE KEEPER IN AFRICA, the organization which was birthed on the 16th of June 2015 and had her first works in Rivers State, Nigeria; in areas of education, peace, and love.

After months of restructuring, prayers, re-strategizing and a whole lot of background planning HCI became better branded for societal relief.

For those curious minds–HCI is about educating and raising community peacemakers who would concentrate on resolving community disputes and gender-based violence (GBV) matters!
By doing this, they restore both internal to the people and external peace to the community

There have been too many records of gender-based violence and this evil is doing more than meets the eye causing a damaging ripple effect such that the people involved are losing sanity and losing it fast. The truth is, many are being so quiet about it probably because they aren’t directly involved or because the perpetrator is a friend or relative and so they don’t want to ruin his/her reputation or lose the relationship hence no telling him/her out but hear me today, no such reputation is worthy of a secret– these people have to be disciplined or put in their place!

To this end, HCI ambassadors are standing/acting as community intercessors availing themselves to help reconcile people back to their society; especially victimized people who walk the streets with emotional damages, psychological pain and mental instability due to the act of that unfaithful day & also to educate people on how to handle/manage their community disputes– our delivery platforms are via:

  • counseling sessions,
  • community open meetings (as PTA is to school),
  • workshops/clubs &
  • awareness schemes 

all to educational, physical and mental empowerment.

So in all, what we are saying let’s connect our hearts, come out as one to speak out & stand up for protection against GBV; stand up to settle disputes fairly and calmly – – you don’t have to be mighty to do this.

For the success story of the organization through the attached pictures on the#walkforpeace2016.

Themed: Awareness to promote human rights and protection against gender-based violence; which happened on the 30th of July 2016 in favor of one of our delivery platforms as stated above.

Miss Lola Nkem Odeniyi who is the founder and executive director of the organization was featured on our podcast talked much more about the organization  listen below:

She stated and i quote:

This is just the beginning and remember whatever change there will be, begins with YOU!

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