Polish NGO in Syria helping refugees from Aleppo

Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH), a Polish charity, has relocated Syrian refugees from Aleppo into refugee camps in the safer Idlib province, in the north-west of the country.
Photo: Facebook.com/PAH
Photo: Facebook.com/PAH
“Around 255 families have reached the camp so far, this is slightly over [a total of] 1,300 people. PAH is taking care of them, since more are expected to come,” Grzegorz Gruca, the deputy head of PAH, has said.

He added: “We must remember that the people escaping from the bombings find themselves in extremely difficult [weather] conditions. The temperatures on the Turkish-Syrian border drop to -5 degrees Celsius at night.” Idlib and Aleppo are both geographically close to the Turkish border.

Gruca added that it is hard to forecast how the conflict will develop, but “it is of the utmost importance” to help innocent civilians.

Thousands of people, including a large number of civilians, have been killed during the fierce fighting between Syrian government forces, backed by Russia, and rebels in Aleppo.

Following days of uncertainty, last week, the first buses laden with people managed to leave the confines of the war-torn city.

Anyone who would like to help the civilians of Aleppo is kindly asked to make a donation to PAH or any other charities operating in the region. (tf/rg)

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