Happy new year from all of us at #NGOpodcast

It’s been an awesome journey with you guys last year and today I’m publishing the first edition of NGOpodcast in the year 2017.

I’m super excited!

This episode features another outstanding fellow who has been doing great for years.

I had exclusive interview with Miss Salimatou Fatty, the Chief Executive Officer of Salimatou Foundation for Education, an NGO which focuses on ensuring quality education in the Gambia and Africa at large.

From my chat with her, I can say that Salimatou is indeed an agent of change.

You need to hear speak!

Now sit back, relax and enjoy my interview session with her!

While I await your feedback, I want you to know that I value and celebrate you dearly.

Best Regards,

Jimoh Oluwatobi Segun

Host, NGOpodcast Show

[email protected]



Hi! I'm Jimoh Oluwatobi Segun (JOS). I'm the Host @ngopodcastshow,where I'm simply working towards bringing the world NGOs to limelight by letting their voice to be heard around the world. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. Cheers!

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shavey - January 27, 2017

Thumbs up jimoh. This is really nice


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