Mud hut schools must go – education NGO

Johannesburg – While improvements in matric results are to be commended, mud hut schools must go, the non-profit organization Higher Education Transformation Network said on Thursday.

“We acknowledge and commend the significant investments by government in improving school infrastructure through the introduction of technology and the drive for the eradication of mud school,” said HETN spokesperson Ramafala Ramatshosa.

However, he suggested more still needed to be done when it came to foundation phase education for the rural poor and other disadvantaged communities.

“[For these groups], mud schools, overcrowding and [a] lack of learning resources for poor children remain the order of the day.

“Ramatshosa said that the discrepancy between the 98.67% Independent Examination Board (IEB) matric pass rate and the 72.5% for government schools – including progressed students – could be attributed to “historically better resources, infrastructure and support given to learners from wealthier social backgrounds”.

This gap needed to be closed, the organisation argued.

Source: Mud hut schools must go – education NGO | News24

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