And finally, Prince Olanrewaju Gideon Oluwaseun was featured on the Episode5 of NGOpodcast Show #NGOpodcast, I believe this a good way to start the month.

Who is Prince?

Prince is a Social Development Practitioner who is passionate about Quality Education, Youth Development and Environmental Sustainability.

He founded Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative- AREAi, a non-profit volunteer-driven education focused organization with a vision of providing quality education for children in geographically marginalized communities.

AREAi impact has spanned across various communities in Nigeria, directly reaching more than 7 schools and has provided infrastructure, educational supplies, basic school items, scientific equipment, potable water source, after school mentoring sessions and supplementary learning classes to over 2000 children.

Some weeks ago, I’ve an amazing interview session with Prince in his mansion (smiles), of which I enjoyed every bit of my session with him.

While on chat with Prince , I asked him the question that has been bothering my mind for months, which goes like this….

“Is Quality education a taboo is Africa? Because 70-80% of the country in Africa are clamoring for, and waiting calmly to experience this so call education. Prince, IS IT?? “(I hope you can feel what I felt)

Trust me, his reply was impressive and compelling, you really need to hear what he has to say.

I’m sure you’ll love to hear him speaks,then sit back, relax as you enjoy my interview session with him.

I want you to know that
While I await your feedback, happy listening

Jimoh Oluwatobi Segun
Host,NGOpodcast Show


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