Prone to the newly adopted mission to be an advocate of Non-governmental organizations existing in different part of the world, this lead me to launching a podcast show in the late last month which is tagged ‪#‎NGOpodcast‬ Show”, with the aim of being the voice of NGOs and to let the world be aware of the role they plays in the society.

The maiden episode which featured Miss Tony Joy of We Are MAD Initiative, was a success, I must let you know I do appreciate your feedback, I value you.

I’m glad to inform you that EPISODE 2 which was published earlier today also featured another big fish in the industry of NGOs, an outstanding personnel indeed.

He is a young and dynamic socio-preneur, the founder of an outstanding NGO in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa namely DREAMS FROM THE SLUM INITIATIVE which focuses on bringing the dreams of the children in the slum,from different remote community indeed into reality by working in 3 different ways,By Educating,Empowering and Mentoring them.

Who am I talking about, the undisputed Mr Amb Isaacs Omoyele.
On this episode, Mr. Isaacs shared his passion for the children in the remote area, he speaks with a burning passion for these children, he shared with me the strategy his organization uses in helping these children and how they want to help them more.
You really need to hear from him as I won’t be the only one to feel his burning passion.

Now I want you to stay back,relax and listen to this episode.

You can also get each episode directly to your PC or your Smart Phone by subscribing to our iTunes, Android and RSS feeds respectively.

PS: Join me in Appreciating Miss Tony Joy & Mr Amb Isaacs Omoyele for being a guest on the first episode respectively.


While I await your feedback regarding the latest episode, Thanks in anticipation.

Sincerely Yours,
Jimoh Oluwatobi Segun
Host, #NGOpodcast Show


Hi! I'm Jimoh Oluwatobi Segun (JOS). I'm the Host @ngopodcastshow,where I'm simply working towards bringing the world NGOs to limelight by letting their voice to be heard around the world. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. Cheers!

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