AREAi is a non-profit volunteer driven social enterprise that seeks to improve the access and quality of education available to disadvantaged children in rural communities across Africa by organizing and channeling physical, financial and material resources towards providing core educational reforms that will enhance
their accessibility to primary education and life-long learning as stated by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG, Goal 3)

The organization was established by Olanrewaju Gideon Seun, The organization is an education focused initiative that is dedicated towards providing creative and innovative solutions in form of welfare programs and projects in a bid to make quality education accessible to poor and vulnerable children and as such, enhance the realization of the global aspiration of an equitable, inclusive quality education and life-long learning for all by 2013, especially in Africa

The Vision of the organization is

To improve the access and quality of education available to disadvantaged children across Africa.

And its Mission is to
To organize and channel resources towards providing core rural educational reforms that will help bridge the alarming gap of inclusive, equitable and quality education between children in rural communities and children in the urban areas.

It is of huge note that the promise and the yearning of A Quality Education is an important civil and human right and therefore, providing universal primary education for every child, regardless of background, religion, race or language remains a topmost priority.

In this light, AREAi is committed to organizing and implementing bold approaches that transforms the state of education at the rural strata of the African Community. The organization’s focus is centered on making quality education available to all and it must be equitable and inclusive and therefore, their efforts remain geared and committed towards addressing the urban bias that has resulted in the negligent state of rural Education in Africa which is evidential through low attendance of students, declining and unsafe learning environment, limited curricula, under motivated and malnourished out-of-school children, as well as outdated and aging facilities.

The organization’s overriding goal remains that by providing an inclusive, equitable and quality education for these children in rural communities, they are growing a bright generation of future conscientious citizens who will be armed intellectually as problems solvers and reliable leaders that will facilitate economic development and national transformation as a result of skills acquisition, self realization and individual productivity.
Ultimately, the global aspiration of having a world where everyone will be inclusively and equitably educated by 2030 will be marginally ACHIEVED paving way for sustainable development as a path, bolstering Africa’s global competitiveness and socio-economic growth and making the world a better place to live.

Prince Gideon Olanrewaju who is the founder and executive director of the organization was featured on our podcast of which he talked much more about the organization  listen below:

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